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FAQ – Common Questions about language classes in Munich

Covid notes

Are there face-to-face courses despite Covid-19? Yes! There are face-to-face courses again!
A medical mask (no scarf or other mask) must be worn when entering the school, in the office, in the corridors and toilets. This protection may only be removed once you have taken your seat in the course room. Mouth/nose protection must be brought by each person entering the language school.

If we are affected by a closure, you can continue your language course online without interruption. We use teams or Zoom for this purpose. The online courses will continue to be offered in parallel.

Do I have to take a test or go into 14-day quarantine when I come to Munich from abroad?
Here you will find the current regulations and warnings of the RKI and the Foreign Office. Please note that the list is constantly updated!

Learn German at Alinguas – the courses

When do I have to register for my German course?
We do not have a registration deadline and will accept your registration – if possible – on the day the course starts. Please note, however, that we do not always have free places. Especially at the end of June, in July and August, our summer courses are often fully booked. So for your own safety, book a few weeks in advance. If you need a visa, the process requires weeks or even months. Also if a room with a host family is required. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation, further information about payment and a placement test.


How can I pay?
Please send us a deposit of 100,- € (non-refundable) by bank transfer with your registration or after receiving the confirmation of registration. The rest of the course fee is to be paid two weeks before the course starts – in exceptions on arrival.

How much does my course cost?
How much your course costs depends on which course you have booked and how many weeks you would like to stay. During the summer season we have special prices, in winter you get discounts. You can find a detailed list here.

Do I get a discount on German courses as a refugee, student, intern or au pair?
Yes, as a refugee, University Student, intern or au pair in Munich you get a 10% discount on your intensive courses and evening course. Please contact us!

When and where do the classes take place? How long do they last?
Classes are held in our school at Hohenzollernplatz 5 on the first floor or online. One teaching unit (UE) lasts 45 minutes. German Intensive Course à 4 units: Monday – Friday from 9.30 – 13.00 (11.00 – 11.30 break) – German Evening Course (Monday + Wednesday / Tuesday + Thursday) à 4 units: 18.30 – 21.00 – Individual lessons by arrangement

What if a lesson day falls on a public holiday?
You can book your language course with us all year round. On public holidays, the intensive course lessons are cancelled without substitution and unfortunately we cannot refund you financially for this day or offer you another day for it. The lessons in our other courses take place on another day.

Which course is right for me?
If you wish, we can send you a placement test in advance by email, which you then send back to us. Then we can see which German course is right for you. We, and you too, can make sure that you attend the course that is best for you and make the best possible progress. Of course, you can also come to our office and take the test right here on site. It takes no longer than 15 minutes.

What is a language level?
I don’t know which group I belong to. There are different levels to which we offer courses. If you are a beginner and have no previous knowledge, you will start in A1.1. After four weeks you can continue in the A1.2 course, another four weeks later you are already in the A2 course and so on. The best you can achieve is C2. Check out our German Courses in Munich Page, if you scroll down, you’ll find an explanation of all the levels.

Can I change the course later if I realise that it is not the right one for me?
If you find that you are under- or over-challenged and would like to change courses, you can of course do so after consulting the lecturers and the school management. The initial test cannot always provide information about your full language level. Simply contact us.

Which book do I need?
Depending on the result of the placement test, we will assign you to a language level and you can buy the corresponding book from our office. We will make sure that we have the book you need in stock. We use “Linie 1”, “Menschen” and “Aspekte”. “Linie 1” and “Menschen” are for levels A1 – B1. “Aspekte” is a book for advanced students with the levels B2-C1.

How long do I work with a book?
Each level takes four weeks to complete in the intensive course and 8-10 weeks in the evening course (A1-B1: 8 weeks; B2-C1: 10 weeks). When you successfully complete the level, you can continue your course in the next higher level. For this you will need a new book.

Will I get a certificate after my course?
Of course you will! After each successfully completed level or your time spent here at Alinguas, you will receive a personal certificate. You can then use this certificate for job applications.

Can I also take an international exam?
Alinguas has been an examination centre for all TELC examinations for several years. You can take these exams directly at our language school on certain dates.

About the language school Alinguas

Where is Alinguas located?
Alinguas language school Munich is located in the Munich-Schwabing district, directly on the U2 underground line, Hohenzollernplatz stop. It is then only a few metres to the school.

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How big are the courses and the classrooms?
We always keep the courses as small as possible to ensure maximum learning success for each student. We have an average class size of 4 to 7 students, except in the summer when it is busier; in the summer when it is busier, there are about 12 to 14 students per class. Groups of two are also possible. Our 7 course rooms are located on the first floor of our school and vary in size. We have both a small room that is particularly suitable for groups of two or small groups, but also course rooms that can hold larger groups.

What is the best way to get to the school?
If you are staying with a host family, you will not have far to go to the school. Most host families live in neighbourhoods close to the city centre, some even closer to the school. You will need a maximum of 40 minutes by public transport. The U2 underground takes you directly to the school. For the city area, weekly tickets cost about 18 € and monthly tickets 57 €. Here you can find more information about public transport.

How can I be reached during my time at Alinguas?
You can have urgent mail sent to our office. We will then pass it on. If necessary, you can also let people call you at our office.

Visa, Housing, Arrival

Do I need a visa for Germany?
You can find out whether you need a visa for language students for your stay in Germany on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. You are also welcome to ask us for advice directly or you can look here: Our Page about Student Visa

If you require a visa, we will send you a confirmation of enrolment by post or as a pdf document after we have received your deposit of €100. If this certificate is to be sent by DHL, we charge € 80,- extra, the deposit is then € 180,-.
In some countries, proof must be provided that the course fee has already been paid in full in order for a visa for language students to be issued. With our confirmation of this, you can then take further steps to apply for the visa.

Do I need health insurance?
Often your own insurance is also valid abroad, please ask. You can take out health insurance directly on our website:

Health insurance

Where can I stay during my time at Alinguas?
You have the choice between accommodation with a host family or in a student hostel. Especially for young women and girls, we have good contacts with a girls’ hostel nearby. We have been working with our host families for many years. More Information about our accommodations.

If you are staying with one of our host families or in a student residence, you need liability insurance. Please check whether your liability insurance is also valid abroad so that you are covered in the event of damage.

If not: Care Concept offers a good accident and liability insurance for foreigners in the EU. You can take out Care Protector directly here and print out the insurance certificate.

How do I get to Munich?
By plane and train: The best way to reach Munich is via Munich Airport, which is located in the north of the city. From Munich Airport, there are S-Bahn trains that run regularly to the city centre. You can then reach the school by taking the U2 Hohenzollernplatz. You will need a ticket Zone M-5, which costs around €12. Further information can be found here. If you wish, we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation. The costs for this are then 80€-.


What is the weather like in Munich?
The climate is temperate, but can get very cold in winter (daytime temperatures around -10 degrees are possible). In summer it can get over 30° C hot. Rain is always to be expected.

Where can I get something to eat and drink?
There are bakeries, butchers, snack bars, a supermarket and an Asian supermarket right on Hohenzollernplatz. Many restaurants offer inexpensive lunch dishes. You will find typical Bavarian and international cuisine in Munich. People usually tip 5-10% in Germany.

What is the best way to get to the centre of Munich?
Alinguas is located in Schwabing, directly at the underground station Hohenzollernplatz. With the U2 you can reach the city centre in just a few minutes. Almost all host families and accommodation are close to the city centre and never more than 40 minutes from the school.

Are there activities in the afternoon?
In summer, we offer an accompanying activity programme in the afternoon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we take you on excursions and cultural programmes in the Munich area after class, such as the Allianz Arena, Nymphenburg Castle, Deutsches Museum or Englischer Garten. For Students from the age of 14, we organise full-day excursions to places near Munich. This takes us, for example, to Lake Chiemsee, Salzburg, Augsburg, Nürnberg or Regensburg.

Can I also do sports during my time at Alinguas?
Munich is particularly well suited for various outdoor sports. You can jog along the Isar river or in the parks, go cycling or take bike tours in the other nearby river valleys. There are also several opportunities for climbers in and around Munich. The Olympic Park in particular offers numerous opportunities for physical activity. In summer, you can swim in the Isar river or in the lakes in the area, and there are also several indoor and outdoor swimming pools and saunas. In addition, there is the usual range of sports: fitness, badminton, aerobics, gymnastics, dance etc.

Study in Germany

How can I study at a university in Germany?
In order to be able to study at a German university or college, you need to prove your German language skills. You can do this at our language school Alinguas, because we are a recognised telc examination centre. We also test and prepare you for the German telc C1 Hochschule exam. Telc exams are held at our school every month. Here you can find more information about studying in Germany.

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