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Conversation Course at Alinguas with Silke

Conversation Course | English, French, Italian, Spanish & Greek

Conversation Course – Would you like to focus more on not only understanding the language but also being able to speak it? Then the conversation course at Alinguas is the right fit for you! Here you can directly apply and improve the language skills you have learned. The topics can be very varied and we adapt the lesson plan to your needs and wishes. We offer the course in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

Practice Speaking

At a Glance: Conversation

Time & Duration individually
Location Munich or online
Levels A1 – C2
Group one-to-one / Minigroup
Price up from 49,- / UE*

*teaching unit (45 Min.)


private (one or two participants)
1-19 units* 54,-
up from 20 units 51,-
up from 30 units 49,-

*teaching unit (45 Min.)
** Weekend: additional 5,-€ per unit

For small groups we will be happy to create an individual offer. Please contact us!

Special offer: Bring a second person for free

Would you like to speak a foreign language better and more often?
Then a conversation course is just right for you!

Each time we prepare an interesting topic for you, send a small word list, a small text or a picture on the topic before the start. Through vocabulary exercises you will learn to use more and more new words correctly in context. You will notice for yourself how much easier it becomes for you to express your thoughts in the new language. Our effective conversation training overcomes all language barriers and language inhibitions!

In Combination with

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Pronunciation – Do you want to focus on improving your pronunciation? Then this is the course for you. The focus here is on being understood!

Language learning in a café – Would you like to practice speaking in a relaxed environment? Then why not meet a language teacher in the café and discuss a new exciting topic each time.
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