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Conversation & Business Talk Courses

Conversation & Business Talk Courses Communicating at work is not always easy, so we help you to improve your oral expression so that you can confidently manage your day-to-day work and reduce insecurities.

A general language conversation course (e.g. after lunch or in the evening) can also be a good opportunity for you and your employees to take a meaningful break from the daily work routine, in which the team is strengthened and in which the language is practised in a relaxed environment using interesting topics.

We offer the course in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

At a Glance: Conversation & Business Talk Courses

Time & Duration individually
Location Munich or online
Levels A2 – C2
Group one-to-one / Minigroup
Price up from 44,- / UE*

*teaching unit (45 Min.)

Business German Munich

Business Talk

Do you feel insecure in professional conversation situations and want to improve your communication skills? You often don’t know how to express yourself well in a professional context or how to present your arguments and ideas in an understandable and structured way? In this course we support you in changing this.

You will learn how to express yourself better and more precisely so that your conversation partners can understand you well. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings.

We practise typical conversation situations in your everyday work, e.g. conversations with colleagues, business partners and customers.

Konversation (allgemeinsprachlich)

A general language conversation course is a good opportunity to speak in a relaxed environment and to develop contact with colleagues. Especially during pandemic times, when most people sit alone at home in front of their laptops, this is a good change where you can learn languages in a communicative and fun way.

The course can take place during the lunch break, for example, and it is an opportunity for your employees to practise the language by talking about various interesting topics. Topics can be flexible and can include business-related topics as well as anything from A for Alps to Z for Zumba.


For small groups we will be happy to create an individual offer. Please contact us!

Prices: Conversation & Business Talk Courses

(per UE)
two participants
(per person & UE)
1 – 19 UE* 49,- 28,-
ab 20 UE 46,- 26,-
ab 30 UE 44,- 24,-

*teaching unit (45 Min.)

Customised Classes

In this conversation training you will learn how to express yourself so that people in your everyday working life can understand you well. In authentic conversation situations, we train your ability to express yourself and work on reducing difficulties. Through intensive training, we help you to reduce insecurities and build up self-confidence in the target language.

This conversation course is suitable for individuals as well as for groups, where typical conversation situations can be practised.

The focus can be on business topics as well as general language topics.

Business Talk

Here we train your ability to express yourself when dealing with colleagues, business partners and customers.

We focus on industry-specific conversational situations and help you to overcome difficulties so that you can speak confidently and eloquently.

You will learn to present your arguments and ideas in a clear and structured way, to participate confidently in meetings.


Here we focus on general language topics, from A for Alps to Z for Zumba. Different methods are used, such as short presentations, games that focus on communication, short videos or even reading exciting articles before the course so that we can then discuss them together.

The relaxed atmosphere outside the language course means that participants can speak without fear of making mistakes and there are almost no limits to the choice of topics (depending on the language level). This way, we can focus on the interests of the participants and thus strengthen their motivation to learn and their commitment.

Conversation & Business Talk: Conversation Courses with Nathalie

In Combination with

Group language courses – The conversation course is particularly effective in combination with a language course in which grammatical structures are learned which can then be applied in the conversation course. This allows us to focus on speaking freely and confidently in the conversation course.

One-to-one training – An employee needs a little extra support? No problem! We’ll be happy to arrange some one-to-one sessions to help him or her catch up and join the group classes.

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