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telc Speaking Training

Please don’t be afraid to speak in the exam!

You have inhibitions to speak German, problems to understand others, you can’t think of any words?

In our telc Speaking Training we will help you, give you lots of tips and practice for the oral expression. Telc has developed excellent special materials for preparation, which we use alongside our own training sheets.

This way you will be well prepared!

At a Glance: telc Speaking Training

one-to-one training individual learning
time flexible
duration 8 UE*
price 390,-**
location Munich or online
additional services practice material & corrections included

*UE = teaching unit (45 min)
** Training + Exam at Alinguas: 490,-€ (for C1 Hochschule +40,-€)


You didn’t pass one of the parts? Don’t worry. You only need to repeat one of the two parts. As often as you like, by the way.

telc speaking training with Silke

In this telc speaking training we will practise speaking about as many topics as possible that may come up in the telc exam.

Together we will practise using idioms that you can use in the various examination tasks. For example, how do you react to the suggestions of your examination partner? How can you express your own opinion without always saying “Meiner Meinung nach …”? How should a presentation be structured? Or what do I do if the other person is much stronger or weaker?

And above all, we support you in going into the exam confidently, without being afraid.

Do you still have difficulties with German pronunciation? Then our special pronunciation training will help you.

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