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Improve German Pronunciation with Nathalie

German Pronunciation Courses | Improve German Pronunciation

Improve your German pronunciation – in these language courses you will train and improve your German pronunciation. It is suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

At a Glance: German Pronunciation Courses

Time & Duration individually
Location in Munich or online
Levels A1 to C2
Participants One-to-one
Price up from 53,- / UE*
German Pronunciation
Training of Articulation
Auditory training
Improve of Intonation

*teaching unit (à 45 Min.)

Improving German Pronunciation with Nathalie

You will improve your German pronunciation through comprehensive exercises on the entire German sound system. This includes voice and reading exercises and targeted training of your hearing, in which you record your voice, among other things, and compare it with the pronunciation of a native speaker.

Prices for German Pronunciation Courses

(per UE)
Two participants
(per Person & UE)
1 – 19 UE* 58,- 32,-
up from 20 UE 55,- 30,-
up from 30 UE 53,- 28,-

*teaching unit (45 Min.)
** Weekend: additional 5,-€ per unit

Benefit from a clear and confident German pronunciation!

We are also happy to offer pronunciation training for a small group. However, in order for this to lead to the desired success, certain prerequisites must be clarified. If you are interested, please contact us.

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you!

Pronunciation Training

Are you familiar with this situation? You have formed a grammatically correct sentence with the appropriate words, yet the other person does not understand you and responds with the answer: “Wie bitte?” (Excuse me?).

Or do you realize yourself that you pronounce a word incorrectly, but don’t know how you can say it differently so if sounds right? You can do something about that!

Our state-certified speech therapist attends to linguistic difficulties and helps you to improve your German pronunciation. The course is suitable for all levels from the basic level A1.1 to the highest level C2. In order to meet your personal needs, we recommend you to absolve the pronunciation coaching in private lessons. In groups of two we take care that both participants have a similar learning level and speak the same mother tongue.

Auditory training Improving your German pronunciation starts with listening exercises. Our hearing is shaped by our mother tongue – we only hear and differentiate noises that we are familiar with. Since we can only produce sounds that we can hear, training and improving German pronunciation always means training your sense of hearing.

Training of articulation We detect your individual difficulties with German pronunciation and show you training methods which can help you improve your pronunciation.

Some of the muscles used for the sounds of German are different from those used in your native language. Therefore, the muscles must be trained specifically.

Common problems of German pronunciation

  • long and short vowels
  • rounded vowels o / ö / u / ü
  • consonantal and vocalic R
  • letter conjunction <ng>
  • final devoicing
  • word accent
  • intonation (melody)

By increasing self-awareness, you learn to recognize how you make sounds and how they are supposed to sound. This puts you in a position where you learn to correct yourself.

Improve pronunciation: intonation – An important part of improving German pronunciation are exercises on word and sentence accent, rhythm and melody of German. For this purpose, we offer varied exercises that give you a natural approach to the correct “prosody”. In this way, you will learn the basics of German speech rhythm and speech melody – and what signals you are sending with them. With this knowledge, speaking will become easier for you overall. You will improve your German pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking freely, giving presentations and asserting your claims in negotiations.

In Combination with

Preparation for language exams – You would like to prepare for telc B1, B2 or telc C1 Hochschule, for example? Then this is the right fit for you. Here you will specifically improve the skills you need to pass the exams with confidence. We prepare you specifically for the desired examination format with the help of practice tests.

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