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German courses at Alinguas Munich for adults 18+

You’re looking for a german language course, which effectively promotes your language skills? A german course, that comprises more than learning vocabulary and cramming grammar? Come to Alinguas!

You can choose to learn in private lessons, in a pair of two or in small groups of 4 up to 12, in summer up to 14 students. Simply listening to a teacher or learning rules of grammar will not lead to language fluency, learning by doing is the name of the game! Only by speaking a new language you will truly learn it. Due to the fact that our groups in Alinguas language school Munich are customized, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply the knowledge you will learn.

How about you just drop by and take a free placement test or a free trial lesson in a group?

German intensive courses: German intensive courses are for people who want to quickly learn German or improve their language skills. During the different stages of learning two qualified teachers take turns supporting you. Find out more

German private lessons: In the private classes you enjoy the support and undivided attention of a qualified teacher. The lesson is structured according to your level and needs which guarantees quick and accurate results. Find out more

German evening courses: Our evening classes are perfect for people who work during the day. In this course you can learn German up to three evenings per week, improve your conversation skills, and prepare for exams.Find out more

Main focus of the German course:

  • train listening and reading skills
  • improve pronunciation
  • understand grammar easily
  • acquire and expand vocabulary
  • communication skills in everyday life, study and job situations

German summer courses: Enjoy Munich in summer! Lessons take place in the morning and in the afternoon. We offer leisure activities and excursions in the afternoons and on the weekends in and around Munich. Find out more

Business German courses: Our Business courses focus on areas that are important for your work place. A program is customized to specifically accommodate you and your colleges. Private coaching, mini groups with your co-workers or combined courses are only a few options available. We have seen the best results using a model that includes a course group in the morning and a tailor made one-on-one lesson in the afternoon. Find out more

German pronunciation coaching: Together with a state-certified speech therapist you will learn the correct pronunciation and improve your accent. These German courses are suitable for all students from level A1.1 up to C.2. Find out more

German exam preparation courses: In the exam preparation classes we specifically prepare you for all international language exams. Alinguas is a telc-exam center therefore the exam can be taken directly at Alinguas Munich. Find out more

German courses for students and au-pairs: Students and au-pairs can study in evening classes or in intensive courses together with other participants you will be prepared for all exams including C1 Hochschule, TestDaF and DSH. Find out more

“I have always liked Germany before. The course and acommodation fees were great. Thanks to my German teacher Monika, she was wonderful. Living with the host family was also a wonderful experience.”
Vivian, 27, South Africa




For over 25 years German courses have been taking place at Alinguas. We teach German courses according to the European Framework of Reference (levels A1 – C2). Furthermore, telc exams can be taken at the school. Every German course is taught by qualified native speakers. Our language teachers at Alinguas Munich teach the German courses with a certain goal in mind but don’t always strictly follow a curriculum. They rather see themselves as coaches that want to lead you on their own personal path of successfully learning this language.

Prices German courses in summer 18+

UE / week 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
all inclusive 790,- 1280,- 1750,- 2240,- 2730,- 3330,-
all inclusive

without accommodation

310,- 520,- 730,- 930,- 1140,- 1350,-
only course 210,- 370,- 520,- 670,- 840,- 1010,-
* UE (unit = 45 minutes)  all fees are indicated in €.
all inclusive without accommodation:
German course withour accomodation and without tickets of public transportation + books + activity program + entrance tickets

Do you have any further questions about our German courses?
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