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German Evening Classes: Sunset at Nymphenburg Castle

B1 Evening German Classes Munich

Learn German in the evening! Our B1 Evening German Classes in Munich are perfect for people who work or have no time during the day. Two evenings a week you will learn German intensively in a small group, improve your conversation skills, and prepare for exams.

At a Glance: B1 Evening German Classes Munich

Mo + Wed / Tu + Th 18:30 – 21:00
Extent 2 x 3 UE* / Week
Levels B1.1 – B1.2
Group 4 – 10 Persons
Price up from 50,- / Week

*teaching units (à 45 Min.)

German Evening Classes Munich

Learn to speak German with fun: Classes with Nathalie

The evening course twice a week is ideal for people who are busy during the week, because there is enough time to repeat and understand what they have learned. You always have a day between the course days, so you are ready for new things when you come to our course.

The level B1 is divided in two parts: B1.1 and B1.2

You will learn words and phrases for everyday life and work and deepen your basic grammatical knowledge from A1 & A2. You will also learn to talk about new and more specialised topics, such as the environment or politics.

We also prepare you for the B1 exam!

It is important to have fun, while learning! In our evening course you learn German in a communicative manner.

Prices B1 Evening German Classes 2 x 3UE* / Week

4 Weeks 8 Weeks 10 Weeks + 1 Week
240,- 420,- 520,- 50,-

*teaching unit (à 45 Min.)

By the way: From B1.1 to B1.2 we need only 8 weeks for a partial level.

Effective Classes

The evening courses are taught by native or bilingual teachers. They can explain all the subtleties and nuances of the German language to you. The teachers offer diverse and entertaining lessons and are passionate about the German language, culture, and people. This will benefit you because you will ultimately make the most progress if you enjoy the learning experience.

By the way: Many professionals who want to work in Munich and need good knowledge on the B2 level, start with an intensive course. Once they have found a job, they simply switch to the German course in the evening.

B1 Topics:

From B1 onwards, the topics are more varied. This means that different emphases can be set in the different courses. Here is a selection of the many exciting topics that can be covered in B1.

  • Dreams
  • Luck
  • People
  • Friendship
  • Living
  • Home
  • Social engagement
  • In the past & today
  • Politics & History
  • Intercultural Topics
  • Diet
  • Health & Illness
  • Free time
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Languages
  • Work
  • Colleagues
  • Job Hunting & Application
  • Various family forms
  • Love
  • Service
  • Advertisement & Consumption
  • Complaints
  • Virtual world
  • Holiday
  • Environment
  • Animals

In Combination with

Conversation and Pronunciation – Do you want to focus on speaking fluently and improving your pronunciation? Then this is the right course for you. Here the focus is on improving your ability to express yourself and also to be understood.

Preparation for language exams – You would like to prepare for telc B1 or Goethe B1, for example? Then this is the right fit for you. Here you will specifically improve the skills you need to pass the exams with confidence. We prepare you specifically for the desired examination format with the help of practice tests.

Private Classes – here you can either specifically repeat grammar or, for example, prepare for a job interview.

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