Introducing the language teachers from Alinguas Language School Munich

All the faculty members of our Alinguas Language School in Munich are solidly grounded in their credentials in higher education, their years of language-teaching experience, and their commitment to continuing education.

Guided by clear educational principles, our language teachers will collaborate with you on developing and defining your precise educational goals — adjusting to your personal learning style as they support your advancement step by step. You and they will work interactively and individually, in order to build a solid grammatical foundation to help you speak more securely.

Beatrice Gräfin von Schlieben-Tschira, Anna Schuhmacher, and the highly qualified teaching team, regularly produce new teaching materials and develop proven methods still further. New teaching concepts are discussed and optimized by the team.

We guarantee highly qualified, top-level teaching methods, an ideal learning group within our small classes, and an informal, supportive atmosphere.

In the following, you will find photographs and profiles of our faculty team:

Angelika Arvaniti

Irma Braun

Ana Maria Bruns

Nele Grantz

Monika Hoch

Paola Ivaldi

Richard Lazala

Alexandra Korman

Ulrike Kohlschütter

Annuschka Lindner

Irina Lusenc

Nina Michele Nagy

Alessia Orlandi

Fiorella Palini

Beatrice von Schlieben – Tschira

Anna Schuhmacher

Nita Wolf

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