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Improve your German pronunciation in these language courses and train your speaking. They are suitable for students from all levels.

Do you know these situations? You compose a sentence, follow all the grammar rules, use the right vocabulary and your conversational partner still doesn’t understand you and answers with “Wie bitte?” (Excuse me?).

Or do you realize yourself that you pronounce a word incorrectly, but don’t know how you can say it differently so if sounds right? You can do something about it!

Benefit from a clear and confident German pronunciation!

Improve German pronunciation – at a glance

  • suitable for each learning level
  • private classes or groups of two
  • state-certified speech therapist
  • training of articulation
  • auditory training
  • improvement of intonation

Our state-certified speech therapist attends to linguistic difficulties and helps you to improve your German pronunciation. The course is suitable for all levels from the basic level A1.1 to the highest level C. 2. In order to meet your personal needs, we recommend you to absolve the pronunciation coaching in private lessons. In groups of two we take care that both participants have a similar learning level and speak the same mother tongue.

Our motto: Creativity, diversity and efficiency in pronunciation classes

You improve your German pronunciation with comprehensive exercises concerning German phonology. Vocal exercises, reading aloud and auditory training where we, among other things, record your voice and compare it to the pronunciation of a native speaker are a part of this course.

Schulung des GehörsAuditory training Improving your German pronunciation starts with listening exercises. Our hearing is shaped by our mother tongue – we only hear and differentiate noises that we are familiar with. Since we can only produce sounds that we can hear, training and improving German pronunciation always means training your sense of hearing.


ArtikulationTraining of articulation We detect your individual difficulties with German pronunciation and show you training methods which can help you improve your pronunciation.

Common problems of German pronunciation

  • long and short vowels
  • rounded vowels o / ö / u / ü
  • consonantal and vocalic R
  • letter conjunction <ng>
  • final devoicing
  • word accent
  • intonation (melody)

We resort to logopedics and speech therapy practice in order to improve German pronunciation and train correct articulation. For German phonetics you sometimes need to use different muscles than for your mother tongue. These muscles need to be specifically trained.

By increasing self-awareness, you learn to recognize how you make sounds and how they are supposed to sound. This puts you in a position where you learn to correct yourself.

IntonationImprove pronunciation – intonation Exercises for emphasis of words and sentences, German rhythm and melody are an important part of improving German pronunciation. We provide you with diverse exercises that will offer you easy access to the right “prosody”. Thereby you learn the basics of German rhythm and melody – and what you are implying with your tone. With this knowledge you will find it much easier to maintain a conversation. You will improve your pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking freely, making presentations and asserting your claims in negotiations.

Improve German pronunciation – fair prices

private lessons 2 participants
1-19 unit 49,- € per unit 28,- € per unit & person
from 20 unit 46,- € per unit 26,- € per unit & person
* A teaching unit lasts 45 minutes; prices in €

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