German Summer Camp Germany | 7+ and 10+

German Summer Camp: In Julyand August, children between ages 7 – 9 and 10 – 13 get together to learn German in our summer camp. This is very exciting for the children as they learn with pictures and games, engage in sports and meet children from many other countries.

Children enter the linguistic world without pressure and by playfully trying out. In our German Summer Camp we offer them creative and interactive methods and address each child’s needs and learning behavior. Like that children get a feel for the (otherwise very difficult) German language which is similar to the feel for their mother tongue. With astounding speed children intuitively find their way around the German language and can build on this knowledge for the long term.

A German summer camp that motivates!

German summer Camp

  • motivation for languages
  • easing the burden of everyday school life
  • buildup of sense of language
  • development of team spirit
  • sense of achievement
  • new friends from different countries!

The summer camp delights children and fill them with enthusiasm for the German language, motivate them for everyday school life and – most important of all! – give them a sense of achievement. Children have a better understanding of sound and grammar and learning new vocabulary is easier when you’re young.

German summer courses do not only help children with their German classes at school; if children are confronted with a foreign language and start learning it actively, they begin to think about the differences of both languages. They will benefit their whole lives from the acquisition of this early knowledge, this instinct, of how to learn a foreign language.

Classmates and teachers

Teachers of the German summer camp for children have pedagogic experience, university degrees in language studies and are either native speakers or bilingual.

In our German summer camp pupils of all nationalities learn together. The Children benefit from this international setup because on the one hand speaking German is inevitable and on the other hand they can exchange information about their mother tongue and home countries. This intercultural contact of the summer camp shows children how much they can gain by speaking a foreign language.

„But I’m on holiday…“

Overview Summer Camp

  • every year in July and August
  • children between  7 – 9 and 10 -13
  • 20 teaching units / week
  • beginners and advanced students
  • intensive learning groups groups
  • close supervision
  • age-appropriate contents and materials
  • teachers with pedagogic experience
  • holiday leisure program

On up to three afternoons per week we organize an age-appropriate leisure program für the pupils of the summer camp. Children have picnics with us, engage in sports or visit interactive museums such as the “Deutsches Museum“ together with our teachers and other supervising tutors. A perfect vacation, isn’t it?

Sometimes parents worry about sending their children to school during the holidays. We can reassure you that to children learning a language is not something that is boring or unpleasant. To the contrary! Your children are in interesting surroundings, make new friends and often develop a passion so that they don’t even notice that they are in a “school”.

Dates and courses summer camp Germany

The German classes take place in July and August -normally they start on the last Monday in June. You can book the German the summer camp for your children for between one and five weeks. Lessons are Monday to Friday between 9:30 and 13:00 (20 teaching units à 45 minutes).

The courses are equally suitable for beginners and advanced students and naturally there are two different groups for children ages 7 – 9 and 10 – 13. The groups are small; in most cases six to eight children learn together, 14 participants at most. Like that we ensure a close supervision of your child and the exchange among the children.

Prices German courses in summer 7 – 9 and 10 – 13

UE / week 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks
all inclusive

without accommodation

310,- 580,- 835,- 1090,- 1365,- 1640,-
only course 215,- 380,- 535,- 690,- 865,- 1040,-
* UE (unit = 45 minutes)  all fees are indicated in €.
all inclusive without accommodation:
German course without accomodation and without tickets of public transportation
books + activity program + entrance tickets

For children up to age 13 we do not offer accommodation. If you come with the whole family and combine the summer camp for children with a course for yourself, we will of course help you find a suitable accommodation.

Do you have any questions about the German summer camp for children?
Just drop by! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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