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Our Business German language courses focus on the areas that are important for your work. You decide if you want to study regular German or business German specifically tailored to your sector of work, training for phone conversations or coaching for articulateness in writing.

Whether you are a consultant or a manager, it is a key qualification to have a profound knowledge of the German language. If you invest into the business German skills of your employees, you and your company will gain confidence, trust and self-assertion in many important situations.

Effective coaching

Our professional language teachers will design a comprehensive curriculum which focuses on the areas and situations that are important for your everyday working life. In the business German language course you will rapidly improve communication with your colleagues, superiors, customers and your company’s business associates.

Business German language course:

  • occupational vocabulary and idioms
  • conversational skills
  • oral fluency on the phone, in business meetings, presentations and negotiations
  • written articulateness in e-mails and business correspondence
  • grammar skills
  • improved pronunciation and articulation

In each Business German language course we use documents from your everyday working life which helps participants to learn goal-oriented, e.g. how to write a customer-friendly e-mail or how to draw up articulate business letters.

For specialist fields like the medical, law or insurance sector, we naturally employ language teachers who are acquainted with the specific vocabulary, idioms and contents of these lines of business.

Did you learn German without a language course?

We have longstanding experience with undirected language acquisition and use this method of learning in each Business German language course. It is less about teaching grammar knowledge, but rather about verbal linguistic usage. That way you incidentally improve communication on the phone, in meetings, in negotiations or while making small talk in an intercultural context.

Participants and course organization

In Alinguas Munich you can absolve a Business German language course in the form of private classes, groups of two or in groups of 3 to 6 participants. Naturally you can combine these different types of language courses.

The Business German course is suitable for participants of all levels who need to learn German for their profession. If you are a beginner or your German skills are very limited, we first create a basis with general-language content in the Business German course and then promptly move on to areas that are important for you and your company.

Business German language course in Munich – time and place

You can book a Business German language course on weekdays between 8.00 and 21.00 and determine the extent of your daily or weekly lessons. If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, you can cancel it for free until the end of the last working day prior to your lesson.

The Business German language course can either take place in Alinguas’ course rooms or at your company. Depending on the location and transport connection of your company we charge 10€ to 40€ per day for the journey to your premises.

Improve German pronunciation – speach training – business German –  exam preparation
at Alinguas Hohenzollernplatz or In-House-Training

One-to-one lesson 2 participants
1-19 UE 49,- € per UE 28,- € per unit and person
from 20 UE 46,- € per UE 26,- € per unit and person
* A teaching unit (UE) lasts 45 minutes; prices in €

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Please call us at +49 89 161479 or write us a quick e-mail!

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