Language trips Germany for school groups

Anguage trips to Germany: An ideal supplement to classes at home! We offer you a tailor-made syllabus and leisure program and optionally take care of your accommodation during your language trip to Germany.

German courses

In our courses there is a very friendly and lively atmosphere that motivates participants to speak. Our teachers inspire their students by using communicative and interactive methods. At Alinguas, language teachers are well-trained and experienced and are either native speakers or bilingual.

Language trip to Germany with Alinguas

  • schedule: Mo – Fr, 9.30 to 13.00
  • number of participants according to prior agreement
  • course length: from 1 week on
  • accommodation on demand
  • leisure activities: afternoon activities, day trips and more

Thus, teenagers not only hear perfect German without an accent, but they also learn about cultural characteristics of Germans and Germany.

During the language trip to Germany, students of all levels (A1 to C2) study in the morning between 9:30 and 13:00 with a break of 25 minutes at 11:00. We would love to incorporate your suggestions and requests into the language trip lessons. Find out more about the German course…

Off school! – leisure program

We organize individual “Germany-weeks“ for your language trip. The students can practice their German in the afternoon or on the weekend  when we show them Munich and Bavaria. In doing so, they understand why they are learning this language and which opportunities arise when you acquire a foreign language. This is arguably the most important and beautiful aspect of taking part in a language trip to Germany and helps students who have problems with motivation.

Potential activities include visiting famous sights such as Allianz Arena, attending sports events and exploring the surroundings of Munich. We make sure that all these activities are accompanied by our competent language school team. Find our more about the leisure activities…

This is how a typical week during your language trip to Germany looks like:






Sa / So

German lessons Day trip to Salzbergwerk Reichenhall  …
City tour Tierpark Hellabrunn Bavaria-Tour to Babaria film studio Munich


You can book the language trip to Germany / Munich with or without accommodation. We provide accommodation in host families, dormitories and student hostels during your language trip.

Above all, staying with a host family during a language trip is much more than mere accommodation. Teenagers can practice their German and very often deep friendships develop which benefit the students long after they have returned home. Find out more about accommodation…

We would like to send you an offer for a language trip to Germany.
Ask us for an individual estimate of costs for a language trip!

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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