German Language Lessons in Germany

German Language Lessons at Alinguas Language School in Munich, Germany
Before you enter any of our German courses in Germany, you will be offered a personal conversation, perhaps over a cup of tea or coffee, during which your language readiness can be informally assessed. Then you will be provided, of course free of cost,a written diagnostic test so that you can check your own language level. After that we will gladly confer with you, exploring how best to fulfill your individual language goals through appropriate German Lessons in Germany.

We place great emphasis on providing a personal, comfortable learning atmosphere in our lessons. To nurture this we limit the size of our lessons: German courses are held ..between 4 and a maximum of 12 multinational participants, in the summer up to 14 in Munich, Germany; our foreign language courses are between  3 to 6 students. Students are carefully placed at similar performance levels so that all can enjoy the German language lessons in Germany and achieve success.

All the classrooms for the language lessons in Munich / Germany are completely equipped with flip-charts, CD player, television and DVD player, computer, and even a little library.

Professionally and educationally optimal teaching materials support your learning success in our language lessons Munich / Germany.


Key points for German language lessons in Munich / Germany:

  • Training for listening and reading comprehension
  • Improving pronunciation
  • Providing grammar easy to understand and apply
  • Building and broadening vocabulary
  • Developing communication skills for everyday, school, and workplace situations
  • Preparing for tests to suit your goals

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german lessons in munich

German language lessons in Germany

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