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Online lessons via Skype!

Due to the current Corona situation / or /Corona crisis, we now offer online language training for all German as well as foreign language courses in individual training and in small groups via Skype.

Please contact us if you are interested!

Since 1992 we have been offering German language courses in Munich, Germany according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Levels A1-C1), in small groups (4-12 students, in summer up to 14) and systematic preparations for all international language examinations. We are proud to say that after attending our intensive language courses, our students enjoy remarkable test results.

We are also one of the best addresses in Munich for evening courses, business German, one-on-one trainings and company courses. Our certified language instructors offer our students the flexiblity of following a set curriculum or tailoring the lessons to meet the specific needs of the students. This kind of teaching approach creates a trustworthy and comfortable learning environment where the instructor serves more like a coach than a teacher.

Through a personal conversation, with a cup of coffee or tea, we invite you to take a free German language placement test. Afterwards we sit down with you to discuss the results and advise you on which is the best course for your individual goal.

In our German language courses in Munich, we provide a personal and challenging learning atmosphere. Our classes, usually composed of 4-10 students (max. 14 in summer), are internationally diverse but share homogenic proficiency levels. You will have fun improving your language skills and interacting with others from around the globe.

Our classrooms are each fully equipped with a flipchart, a dvd recorder, a computer and a small library to enhance your learning experience.

Our top priorities are:

  • improving your reading and listening comprehension
  • improving your pronunciation
  • understanding and using grammar
  • easily building new vocabulary
  • communicative learning for day-to-day and work situations

No matter if you attend an intensive course or evening classes one to three times a week, our quality language courses will provide you with useful tips in order to enable you to read and speak faster, more easily and precisely. The spare time activities that we offer in and around Munich / Germany also give you the opportunity to speak German and to get to know Munich and its surroundings in good company.

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