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If you want to attend a German course in Germany and you are not from a country that belongs to the EU, except the USA, Australia, Newzealand and Japan, you need a language course visa for your German course. Applicants from the Republik of China, Mongolia and Vietnam need the APS when they intend to stay in Germany for a longer time. In the internet our international students can find all the necessary information at the Department for Foreign Affairs and also your agency abroad:

Visa application for international students: Please apply on time for your visa for your German course. The processing of your visa might take up to three months sometime even longer. If you enter Germany with a tourist visa it can not be extended under no circumstances.

We would like to help you get your visa. Please arrange a personal meeting if possible. The following documents are important for getting a visa for Germany:

  • 2 application forms for the visa
  • 2 up-to-date passport photographs
  • A valid identification card (for at least 6 more months)
  • A certificate that proves your participation in a German course with at least 20 lessons a week
  • A certificate of qualification for university matriculation, if you declare you want to study in Germany after your German course.
  • A verification of paying the prepayment of the course price. Some countries require the course price to be entirely paid.
  • Health insurance – We will provide information for international students about a favourable insurance.
  • An undertaking or a bank account in the amount of 8040,- Euros in the name of the participant.

In case you do not receive your language course visa we will repay the full price minus a service fee.

visa germany

visa germany

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