Telc German Exam in Munich, Germany – Telc language certificate B2 + C1 Hochschule

Alinguas is licensed by telc GmbH to administer the exams for the language certificates. You can prepare for the exams at Alinguas or just register for the exams.

Examination dates

telc language certificate Telc GER B2 + C1 Hochschule

! limited number of participants !

dates of exam

last day of inscription

Fr 23.06.2017
Sa 24.06.2017
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 Fr 14.07.2017*
Sa 15.07.2017*
only for course participants 
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Fr 25.08.2017*
Sa 26.08.2017*
only for course participants
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Fr 15.09.2017 and/or
Sa. 16.09.2017
10.08.2017 enrol now!
Fr 10.11.2017 and/or
Sa. 12.11.2017
05.10.2017 enrol now!
Fr 01.12.2017 and/or
Sa. 02.12.2017
only C1 Hochschule
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* Please notce: In July and August we can’t accept external candidates, only course participants!

German exam Telc  B2
Common European Framework of reference for Language Learning B2. The exam B2 is required if you want to register in a university or technical college.
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German exam Telc  C1 university / Telc C1 Hochschule
telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule tests the German knowledge needed for success at an advanced academic level. The examination is suitable for adults who are interested in studying at German institutes of higher education, for adults who have already begun their studies at an institute of this kind or for adults who are working in an academic field and have the desire or necessity to demonstrate their German skills.
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